Marianne Skjelbred allows her paintings to be shaped during a play with colors and textures. This play is evident for the spectator. The use of colors is fearless and the paintings are distinguished by a special positive atmosphere that radiates joy and harmony. The light is especially important to Marianne. She is fascinated by the light’s color effects and seeks to capture this in her paintings.

Ever since childhood, Marianne has found joy in creating. It started with drawing, and gradually, she explored various techniques, inter alia printing, linocut, 
ceramics, charcoal pencil et cetera. In 1997, she graduated as a photographer. Her paintings show signs of a photographic mindset, as she desires to capture the light. She has sold hundreds of paintings via her webpage, exhibitions and commissions. Today she is a full-time artist.

"The art is to see the light until you become a part of it"
Marianne Skjelbred

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