Marianne Skjelbred allows her paintings to be shaped during a play with colors and textures. This play is evident for the spectator. The use of colors is fearless and a special positive atmosphere that radiates joy and harmony distinguishes her paintings. The light is especially important to Marianne. She is fascinated by the light’s color effects and seeks to capture this in her paintings.

Ever since childhood, Marianne Skjelbred has found joy in creating. It started with drawing, and gradually, she explored various techniques, inter alia printing, linocut, ceramics, charcoal pencil et cetera. In 1997, she graduated as a photographer. Her paintings show signs of a photographic mindset, as she desires to capture the light.


In 2015, the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency Naval Systems Division invited six artists to participate in the competition for the commission of the godmother’s gift to HNoMS Maud, the largest vessel in the history of the Royal Norwegian Navy. Marianne Skjelbred was the winner of the competition. May 21st 2019, the godmother of HNoMS Maud, Anniken Huitfeldt, the Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, unveiled the painting “Ulvetanna”.


Marianne Skjelbred has collectors in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Wales. She is happy to cover all costs related to shipment of her art, both nationally and internationally, as she sees the value of expanding her art to new areas.

The art is to see the light until you become a part of it. – Marianne Skjelbred


  • Acta ASA
  • Advokat Monica Bryner
  • Adecco
  • Apply TB AS
  • Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen (NAV)
  • BDO
  • Bergen kommune
  • Bergen misjonsmenighet
  • Bergen støtte- og veiledningstjeneste
  • Bergensområdets interkommunale renovasjonsselskap (BIR)
  • Bergens Tidende
  • BKK
  • Deloitte
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  • Furnes Holding AS
  • GAC Norway
  • Halstensen Granit AS
  • Horizont AS
  • Inform Media Norge AS
  • International Cooperation AS
  • ITS Norge
  • J. H. Nævdal Bygg AS
  • Kokstad Medisinske senter
  • Kokstad Tannlegepraksis
  • Kyma AS
  • Kystdesign AS
  • Lars Jønsson AS
  • Lerck AS
  • LO Stat
  • Malerfirma Woldseth & Melkevik AS
  • Network Chartering International AS
  • Njørd ro- og kajakklubb
  • NLM Barnehagene AS
  • Norsk Jernbaneforbund
  • Odfjell Well Management
  • Peak Group AS
  • Pesquera Azul Norge AS
  • Rasmussen Eiendom
  • Sandnes Fiskeoppdrett AS
  • Schlumberger
  • Seaborn AS
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Spar Shipping AS
  • Spring Capital AS
  • Statens kartverk
  • Stenoil KS
  • Stentank AS
  • The Nansen Center (NERSC)
  • The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency Naval Systems Division
  • The Norwegian Police
  • The Norwegian Red Cross
  • Tippetue Arkitekter AS
  • Tre Seksten
  • VestenFjeldske Eiendom AS
  • Vitec Fixit Systemer AS
  • Work Supply AS
  • Åsane menighet (Church of Norway)

Selected Exhibitions:

  • The artist’s own gallery: Galleri Marianne Skjelbred, Vetrlidsallmenningen 8
  • Gallery representation: Galleri Bergen
  • Permanent exhibition: Magnus Barfotsgate 3, Bergen
  • Permanent exhibition: Åsane Storsenter, Bergen
  • Aroma Bar and Restaurant, Bergen
  • Artists in Residence 2015, Austevoll
  • Bergen Storsenter
  • Barista, Bergen
  • Capri Yacht Club, Italy
  • Galleri Bekkjarvik, Austevoll
  • Galleri Skjerjehamn, Gulen
  • Neptun Gallery, Bergen
  • Norli, Torgalmenningen, Bergen
  • Odfjell Drilling, Bergen
  • The Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget)
  • Unique Design, Bergen
  • Zenzero Art Café, Napoli, Italy

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